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Committees & Boards

The Board of Trustees of the ACS Examinations Institute is entrusted with establishing policies for all aspects of Institute operations and appointment of a Director.  The Board’s primary duties are fiduciary. Using reports from the Director and other sources, the Board monitors operating budgets, income, investments, hosting agreements, protection of intellectual property, accounting, audits, and taxes.

The Biennial Conference Committee selects the sites for the BCCE, and provides support and communication between those conducting previous BCCEs and those developing future Conferences. The activities of the committee span a two-year cycle.

On behalf of the Division, the Board manages the Journal and its associated educational activities. The Board negotiates, maintains, and implements the co-publishing agreement with the American Chemical Society through ACS Publications. The Board alone can authorize contracts with individuals and companies for services and goods and/or authorize the Editor to be responsible for such arrangements as part of the yearly operational budget of the Editorial Office.

Purpose: The mission of the Chemical Education Research (CER) Committee is to inform educators about chemical education research and to foster scholarship and encourage improvement in the quality of chemistry education research.

Vision: The CER committee endeavors to provide 1) a variety of avenues for chemical educators to learn about chemical education research, 2) platforms for the dissemination of research, and 3) highlights of work and methods within the field.

Seeks to encourage and support the development, implementation, and assessment of computing technologies in chemical education.

Develops qualified slates of candidates for the Division.

The Early Career Chemistry Education Scholars (ECCES) is a committee dedicated to the recruitment and networking of graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and early faculty members in chemistry education research. This population is vital to the long-term goals of chemistry education research and we hope will be the future leaders and contributors to DivCHED.

The Executive Committee serves as the Senior Management Team responsible for ensuring the overall growth and financial health of the Division.

The Finance Committee is charged with the responsibility of developing the annual budget for the ACS Division of Chemical Education (“the Division”) and overseeing this budget and other financial concerns of the Division. This committee also sends recommendations to the Division Executive Committee on financial matters such as the budget, the investment policy, audit practices, ongoing and new expenses, and ongoing and new income-generating activities.

As the International Activities Committee of the Division of Chemical Education, our aim is to engage and connect with other networks of chemistry educators with global interests. Through these networks, we will exchange ideas about chemistry education research and practices that promote equity and diversity in chemistry education.

Develops plans that allow the Division to adapt to changes in technology, science, and the expectations of members.

The Goal of the New Member Committee is to perform functions and implement and sustain policies, programs, and activities that welcome and meet the needs of new members of the Division of Chemical Education. To help us meet our goal, we encourage new members of the Division to contact the committee chair with ideas for new activities or programs that would help meet your needs.

This Fund was established by a generous donation of Dorothy and Moses Passer. Moses (Mike) Passer was for many years the head of the ACS Education Division. The Fund grants for teachers at two- and four-year colleges or universities that do not have any advanced degree programs in the chemical sciences.

Explains the benefits of belonging to the Division to high school teachers and encourages them to join through various activities and programs.

The Program Committee plans, develops, and implements the Division's technical programs.

The program committee performs long range planning for DivCHED program at ACS national meetings. Specifically, we seek leaders to craft the program for the coming meetings and we provide peer support to encourage others to take on leadership roles in meeting planning. We also encourage the development of symposia topics for future meetings.

Division's Public Relations Committee is hard at work crafting a mission statement to better serve you, our valued community members. While we're busy shaping our vision for the future, rest assured that we're dedicated to fostering positive connections, transparent communication, and meaningful engagement.

Identifies worthy individuals who have dedicated years of valuable service to DivCHED.

Promotes chemical education programming at ACS regional meetings.

Mission: To provide resources and strategies to chemical and science educators in order to prepare chemists and others to function safely when using chemicals.

Vision: Education that embeds accurate chemical safety instruction at all educational levels.

Dedicated to Maintaining and Improving the Quality of Chemistry Offerings in the Two-Year Colleges.