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Teaching Resources

  • Chemical Education Xchange (ChemEd X) - ChemEd X provides introductory chemistry teachers with resources and it also serves as a venue for collaboration and sharing. Although ChemEd X derives from the Journal of Chemical Education, we are a separate entity. Many of the resources you will discover here—including some software collections and videos—come from the online presence of the Journal before it partnered with American Chemical Society Publications in 2010. More recent content focuses on topical issues, trends in the field, and current approaches to chemistry education.
  • Resources at the Education Office of the ACS - Promoting excellence in science education and community outreach.
  • The Catalyst - Chemistry Resources For The Secondary Education Teacher On The WWW
  • ChemSource - The ChemSource materials represent an array of linked products designed to provide chemistry teachers with quality support to enhance their effective­ness in the classroom